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Last Shout - Welcome aboard, the Shipyard gates have re-opened. Cool Members - Please add your pin to the Map. Grin
Posted by: basys - Monday, 20 March 2006 15:07

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Further to Ian's statement - Personal Thoughts

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Update -
Apparently Ian's previous statements, (since deleted),
were all a deliberate stalling tactic,
whilst he downloaded all FS-Shipyards content,
and configured his .org site

For an explanation please see the FS-Shipyards - Administrator Statement

Following response is no longer relevant.
Further to Ian's statement - Personal Thoughts (at fs-shipyards.ORG)

I am deeply appreciative of Ian's statement,
his personal perspective and philosophy expressed therein,
and his indemnification of myself as the underlying causative.

Ian is the founder father of FS-Shipyards
and I fully understand the strength of his feelings in this regard.

Ian has always been, and always will be, welcome at FS-Shipyards.

Ian and myself have identical outlooks, objectives, and priorities -
- Our families and friends.
- To freely provide service and support to all members of the flightsim community.

The role of any website's administrator requires an impartial and objective stance.

As such, my actions were in no way personal,
and relate solely to maintaining the continued public availability of FS-Shipyards content.

I bear no ill feelings whatsoever, to any party, involved in events leading up to, or, drawn in subsequently.

I had been extremely reluctant to respond to correspondence from any party, other than Ian himself,
in the event that any reply might only further aggravate the situation.

I trust those other parties will understand.

I welcome any proposal which benefits the community.

From a personal perspective,
I unreservedly apologise for any stress which these events caused to Ian and his family.

Wishing Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays to everyone.

Paul Donnelly

by BASys, Sunday, 20 December 2009 15:49, Comments(0)

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